Inspired by:

a sixty-pack box of Swiss Miss™ from Costco®.

  1. You can add more toppings to hot chocolate than any other beverage (e.g. tea, coffee, juice).
  2. You can mix it in with your coffee for an added caffeine boost.
  3. You can drink it during morning for breakfast, and during night for dessert.
  4. Traditional cocoa is made with milk, but water is a worthy substitute and there’s little difference in deliciousness (albeit less creamier).
  5. It helps with digestion: It’s not so acidic as coffee, and easier on the stomach.
  6. You can use chocolate bar base or any other form of chocolate really to make your own from scratch.
  7. It brings back distinctly fond memories from childhood for me; going to a little family restaurant after preschool with my mom, and always ordering hot, hot cocoa (yeah, of course it’s personal).
  8. Studies have shown that hot chocolate contains more antioxidants than wine or tea, and thereby reduces the risks of heart disease.
  9. A cup of cocoa per day can help improve blood flow, and the inner surface of blood vessels (Source: Here).
  10. It comes in many different styles all around the world, from thick like pudding and served with Churros for breakfast (Spain) to instantly made from a packet of mixed powders (United States). Mexico even has its own traditional version called Champurrado, made with corn dough.

I am forever grateful for this small item of comfort and warmth..



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