This blog is meant for me to improve my developing skills as a writer (Criticisms are openly welcome!)—a platform to share my ideas and experiences of contemporary life in Hawaii and our surrounding global communities .

The topics which I discuss are personal subjects and events that I find fascinating in and of themselves, insightful moments from my history, and meaningful ideas. I believe we can all teach one another something new every moment, and communication is the key to unlocking our mind’s true power: euphoric compassion

I explore many questions—most relating to mundane concerns; a few existential and obscure—but only occasionally answer them: the mind is meant to wonder, not to be certain. I’m a feeler more than a thinker, and our joys and pains is what connects us to every other living subject…

I hope you enjoy reading this site as much as I enjoy creating it👍🏽🍹😇✌🏽


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