Proposal For The Impoverished—A Letter to Our Nation’s President-elect

Dear President(elect) Donald J. Trump,

I write this letter to you today representing one of the many faceless names of the poor, here to discuss an epidemic that has been neglected far too long in this nation, one that marginalizes its members from society, and hinders us from demonstrating how subjectively “great” this country can truly be. I am referring to the majority of people whose homes are the streets, those who must struggle daily to live on the handouts of the economically advantaged, and whose conditions could be greater improved not just by you, but the wealthy as a collective. I do not merely ask this as a charity case for the homeless, but as an obligation for those with greater authority: The U.S. has over 540 billionaires (more than any other country, as you know), which contrasts the 500,000+ reported to be using a shelter, transitional housing program or on the streets as a residence, with over half being families and children. Even though it has began to decrease in recent years, it hasn’t helped increase our economic mobility. If each billionaire were to donate just one of their millions, we’d generate enough money to start a federal grant (to assist those that will be assisted) that will create programs for therapy, financial support, and increased economic stability.

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